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Meet the councillors that make up Wretton Parish Council, who between them look after the maintenance of street lights within the village, grass cutting of public areas and consultation of local planning.

The Parish Council is empowered by Parliament and it has authority to raise money through taxation (the Precept) and to spend that public money.

It comprises of 7 councillors including the Chairman and Vice Chairman all of whom are unpaid volunteers and are elected every four years.

The Parish Council has six regular meetings each year usually in January, March, May, July, September and November on the first Monday of the month.  

The annual Parish meeting and the AGM of the Parish Council are usually held in May. 

Notice of meetings is published in the news area of this website and on the two notices boards (one by the telephone kiosk and the other on the bus shelter).

Among the responsibilities of the Parish Council are:

We have also supported the village by:

David Llewellyn
David Llewellyn – Chairman

I have lived in Wretton since 1988 and have been a member of the Parish Council since 1994, having served as both Chairman and Vice Chairman for several terms.

I live and work in Wretton and am an active member of the community being chairman of Hospital Radio Lynn and helping setup KL.FM 96.7.

I strongly believe in preserving and improving our village and countryside ensuring that we can all enjoy country life to the full.

Mick Peake
Mick Peake – Vice Chairman

Mick Peake was born in Wretton. He has served on the Parish Council on many occasions as both a councillor and chairman with this current period starting in 1995. He has been active in the setting up of the play area and now oversees its maintenance.

He is also Borough Councillor for the Denton Ward of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and is a member of the planning committee. He is also chairman and trustee of the Jane Forby charity.

Dr Ian Mack
Dr Ian Mack

Ian lives in Wretton and has previously been a Chairman of the Parish Council. He is a local GP and is Chair of the West Norfolk CCG.



Mandy Peake
Mandy Peake

Mandy Peake was born and raised in the village and is very keen to keep village life active.



Martyn Cann
Martyn Cann

Martyn lives in Wretton and has rejoined the Parish Council after being coopted in June 2015. 



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