Wretton Village Green

About The Village of Wretton in Norfolk

Wretton village is approximately 6 miles from the nearby market town of Downham Market in West Norfolk.

Wretton's Potted History

According to various text, the name ‘WRETTON’ is derived from ‘WIRETON’, meaning a settlement by a stream of running water however, other sources quote early records using the name ‘WROTTON’ [earliest notation circa 1198] meaning an enclosure [from ton or tun] where ‘crosswort’, a medicinal plant is grown [from Wroett].

It is certain that the name ‘WRETTON’ has ancient origins and although not specifically named in the Doomsday Book, the settlement was certainly assessed under various different manorships. 

If you're looking to trace you roots then our Parish Register has records of births, marriages and deaths since 1693.

An interesting aspect of Wretton’s history is the bequest by Jane Forby, a local widow and woman of fortune. In her will of 1711, she made provision for the poor of the parish with land for pasture & fuel. Today one of village roads is named after her.

The village had at one time at least four inns or ale houses, the Red Lion, the Black Horse, the Chequers and the Cock & Breaches. Sadly none of these establishments are trading today.

The Village Sign

Wretton's village sign was designed by local artist Margaret Mansell who lives in Wretton. She took inspiration from many areas of the village and its history including:  the church of ‘All Saints’, the Parish Register, the village's name, Jane Forby, the local land, past establishments in the village, and its location.

Map of Wretton

Wretton Village Sign

Wretton Play Area

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