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Wretton Wild Life Area

Much discussion has taken place regarding the area of the Green referred to as ‘the pond’ and whether the trees around this area should be trimmed or taken down. The area has however been designated by the Parish Council as a "wildlife area" and it is a good habitat for birds in particular.

It was originally designated as a pond, as part of the original planning consent for the Jane Forby development. However, there is very seldom water present since it is believed that the specification for the area was not followed at the time of construction.

At the last Parish Council meeting it was agreed that residents should be consulted regarding what is wanted in this location before a decision is made.

What are your views? Please let us know by contacting the Clerk by email or for full contact details click here.    



Posted by David Llewellyn and last updated on 30 Apr 2017

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